Thursday, June 27, 2013

Best Weekend

We kicked spring off right with the opening of the Farmer's Market... Way back in April. One of Josh's fraternity brothers ran 24hrs straight to raise awareness and money for Christopher's house (
)! It was amazing! 
Stephen Ray is an incredible endurance athlete who has encouraged Josh during several of his races, so Josh wanted to return the favor. He ran with Stephen Ray from 5:00am-6:00am. SR was finishing at

Annabel and I watched Josh run the last 2 mins then we headed to the first farmer's market of the season. Hard to believe it was so cold then.

Of course we had Little Bread Co for breakfast. We went back to watch Stephen Ray finish. News crews were there and everything. Christopher was Stephen Ray's brother in law so it was a very emotional finish.

After nap we had a great time making cookies and playing in the bouncy house for Ava's 3rd birthday. Such a precious girl!

Annabel finished the night at Princess for a Day. It is an event sponsored by the ZTA at the university. The Bradford sisters took Annabel and said she was the highlight of the party. Josh and I were thankful for the free date night!

We finished the weekend off with community group. These crazy girls had lots of fun in the sandbox so they had to bathe before bed. They are so fun together!

Valentine's Flashback

Way back over Valentine's day we took a couple's trip to Big Cedar. I would LOVE to go here in the summer sometime because there is so much to do. However, we just ate, shopped, played games, and enjoyed our time just the two of us. Annabel had a blast at Iggy and Gagi's

We played couple's BINGO with champagne and the biggest brownies you've ever seen!

Lots of fun shopping at the outlets with a great lunch at Cantina Laredo. 

We laughed that we were enjoying Valentine's brunch at a girl and boy table. Funny how things change when you get old:). 

Aubrey always has us playing some game:). I love board games so I was not complaining one bit!

Shuttle ride to our yummy, fancy dinner at Big Cedar! We usually go to dinner as a group one night and as a couple on Valentine's. Josh and I actually ate Indian food with our friends, the Acosta's, Valentine's night. The company was better than the food, but still super tasty! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Easter 2013

I loved that Annabel was really able to enjoy Easter for the first time this year.

Dying Easter eggs with CC. Annabel just wanted to eat the dye. I guess she has a knack for vinegar because she would dip the eggs then suck on them. Thankful for nontoxic dye! She also cracked over half of the eggs because she would throw them as hard as she could into the cups.

Cousin bath time!

Celebrating Aunt Eve's bday on Easter Eve at Purple Cow. Funny how much birthday celebrations change when you've got bedtimes to work around.

(I stop blogging for three months and when I return all of my pictures look squished. Does anybody know why?) Anyway, sweet A opening her Easter basket. 

She had a hard time waiting for CC so we had to reenact. A also gave Mimi, Aunt Eve, and Biz an easter egg with our ultrasound picture in it to announce she was going to be a big sister! She opened it during FaceTime with all the other grandparents later on.

We love a formal Easter service!

Cutest pic ever! Sad y'all can't fully enjoy it.

We started this tradition when my generation was the "kids." For Easter and Christmas we line up youngest to oldest and get in a line to run out to the Easter egg hunt or to the gifts. Annabel got to lead the way this year! Such a proud moment:)

Hunting with daddy

Big girl!!!! 

Finding her own egg.

Cate and Annabel. The tiniest great-grands. They are adorable!

Great-grands with Granny and Grandpa: The two that started it all!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Well, to those who may still read this... I'm back! I can't believe it's been almost three months since I last blogged. Again, I have done something I said I would never do. Sometimes I feel like that is all I have done since venturing into motherhood. It's funny how survivor mode can make you compromise and give up things you enjoy. I have been soul searching, over analyzing, reading, and enjoying my precious baby toddler without any distractions.

God has truly been good to us over these last few months. Before I start playing catch up with holidays, play dates, birthdays, and just fun memories I want to announce that we found out we were pregnant with baby number two! After getting over the initial shock, we are truly excited to be welcoming this little boy into our family. Annabel had been sleeping through the night for almost two weeks and had been weaned for two days when we found out we were pregnant. We are so thankful for that little blessing. Now I have moved from the survivor mode excuse to the pregnancy brain one. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever feel human again:).

I had been working on decorations for a baby shower I was hosting, so I decided to use some scrap paper and kebab skewers to make these arrows to announce our pregnancy to Josh. (Psalm 127:3-5) 
I wrote Psalm 127:4 on the card and initially Josh thought we were having twins- ha! My thought was that one arrow represented Annabel and the other one represented the baby. 

 A took them into Josh because I was so nervous about our little surprise. He was beyond thrilled!!! His exact words were "I was just thinking that we needed another baby." I was so thankful for his response; Annabel may have shed a few tears:)

 It's funny how things change with baby number 2. I think I've looked at my baby app maybe three times this pregnancy and with A I didn't miss a day. After much research and debate we are still trying to decide on a name and get used to the idea of a boy! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Chevron Wall

Our community group got together on Saturday to help Buck and Kelli with several projects before baby Ruby's arrival next month. I was in charge of painting the chevron wall in the nursery. I read several tutorials and combined a few of my favorite aspects from each one, and this is what I came up with...

You start with a grid...
I measured the wall, which was 118", then I divided that in half and got 59". This was my center point in the wall. The good thing about chevron is it creates an optical illusion so it does not have to be prefect. I measured 59" across at several points so that my vertical line would be straight. From that point we made a line every 12". So we drew a line at 47", 35", 23", and 11". Each time we would measure from the wall over and make about 7 line segments at various points, then take the measuring tape and line up each little line segment. This made sure we had a straight line without using a level. We also used green chalk to draw the lines. I figured it would be easier to remove chalk than pencil. Make sure you make your lines as light as possible.

The horizontal stripes were so much easier. I took the ugliest, most out of date piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper I had and used it as a stencil. (Now would be a good time to apologize for my poor quality iPhone pics. I wasn't planning on documenting this day:))

You could either start at the top or bottom. It depends on if you want a solid chevron at the top or if you  don't care if it looks like it goes into the ceiling. We started at the bottom, just because it was easier for me to line the paper up along the baseboard.

Not sure if you can see this or not, but here is our 12x12 grid complete. My friend, Liana, was helping and the grid took about an hour and a half. We did stop to talk a lot though.

Here is a little closer picture.

The next step was to tape off. All you do is connect the dots from the bottom corner of one box to the top opposite corner of the same box. We put small pieces of tape in the stripes that were going to stay cream, so we wouldn't accidently paint them. The trickiest part to this whole process was getting the corners sharp. On the cream stripes we didn't worry about how the tape met, but on the pink stripes we folded the corners under so that they would meet perfectly and be crisp. Also, since we only had half of a box at the top we made a stencil with the scrapbook paper to make sure we kept the angle the same. 

Be sure to tape off the side walls so you don't accidently paint those.

Now the easiest part. The painting! I'm pretty sure painting the chevron took about 20 minutes. We rolled it and it was so fast. I would recommend investing in frog tape for this project. It also helps seal the tape if you take a very damp rag and run it over the tape before painting. You will want frog tape though so you don't spend time touching up afterwards.

The finished product!

 I am SO IN LOVE! 

I wish I had a picture complete with furniture, bedding, and baby Ruby. It is all so cute! I also decided I'm going to recruit friends for every painting project from here on out. I loved having the company!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Matter

I did something today. Something that made me feel like I mattered and it felt good. Deep down into my soul good. I didn't rescue a puppy, feed the homeless, or even meet with a struggling a friend. I simple took my baby to the doctor, cleaned my house, read three books and worked four puzzles with little A, showered, cooked two dishes for our pre-marriage class, finished painting a dresser, unloaded the dishwasher, blow-dried my hair, and had myself put together when Josh got home. What made me matter today and not every other day was the fact that I put my phone down, stopped wasting time on things that fed my insecurities, and focused on the things within my control.

I have been doing the study Stuck by Jennie Allen again. My stuck places this year are much different then last year. One of the most drastic changes is in the area of discontentment. I realized that I wasn't really struggling with discontentment but with the desire to matter. I really just wanted to be known. Known as the most organized house wife with the cutest house; known as a selfless, sexy helper to my husband;  known as the most grace-filled, patient, joyful mom; known for my creative ability; known as a successful small business owner; known as an amazing cook; known as a wise mentor; just known.

Jennie references Ecclesiastes 4:4, "Then I saw that all toil and all skill in work come from a man's envy of his neighbor. This is also vanity and striving after the wind."

Are we not suppose to work for God and not man? All of my work, all of my desires to be known, all of my soul struggle between spirit and flesh is because my motivation was rooted in my envy of my neighbor. I didn't just want a cute house, I wanted her house and her house and her house, oh, and her house. YUCK!

I was sick, disgusted with my flesh. I had actually just apologized to Josh the week before for being lazy and not serving him like I should. I can make excuses all day. I'm tired. I have a baby that doesn't sleep. I've never been a good housekeeper (why did I think it would be easier with a toddler). And on and on and on. So I challenged myself to put my phone down. I really didn't think I used it that much until I saw how much I accomplished when I didn't indulge until I finished all of my work. I will say that I think God blessed my commitment to serve others first because Annabel took an extra long nap and had her best day of independent play so far.

It sounds so simple, but I actually felt like I mattered. The clean house and clean wife mattered to Josh, the meals mattered to the couples that ate them, getting Annabel's eye checked and having my full attention during play time mattered to her, my client was ecstatic with her dresser, and the fact that I was able to do something tangible for the people I love mattered to me. Being joyful and serving when all I wanted to do was cuddle my baby, look for houses, and play on social media mattered significantly more to the King of Kings. I matter more to the King of Kings. 

Jennie says, "We hunger for the point of starving for Him, and yet we still don't turn to Him." If you are starving but don't know what you are hungry for truly commit your day to the Lord. Die to selfish desires, put down your distractions, and let Him fill you up. I pray that you realize just how much you matter and find comfort that you are personally known and loved by the God of the Universe.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

Just realized I forgot Thankgiving:/. 
Annabel's first piece of art from MDO! It's still on the fridge!

 A and I went to LR a couple of days early so we could see friends.
Madeline and A

Sweet hugs with Eleanor

The sweetest girls ever! Love playing with the Clinton girls and wish they were closer.

We went to Kroger the night before Thanksgiving to pick up a few things and Annabel found this grocery cart, pushed it all around the store and filled it up with hair products.

Macy's Parade! My all time favorite thing! Watching A enjoy it was seriously one of the happiest moments of my life!


We stopped by Josh's aunt's house to see his family for a bit and had a yummy lunch! Then we swung by my grandparent's house just to say hello. 

Hitting up Whole Foods before leaving town.

And we had a nice walk at the Twin Rivers Bridge

Then headed to my dad's for the night. So fun to spend the night with the whole family! Annabel would not cooperate in any of the pictures though.

The two babies are hilarious!

I love Julian looking at Annabel throwing a huge fit. They are seriously are so fun together.

I just remembered I never blogged about Thanksgiving because I was waiting for pictures from my sister. She had cute ones with people smiling and looking at the camera. Oh well, it's the memories that count, right?!:)