Monday, December 10, 2012

First Birthday Day

A's birthday just so happened to be my first day back at work for the semester, but it was a MDO day so it worked out perfectly! After taking her first year pics in her chair, Daddy and I took her to Rick's for her first donuts. Boy! Oh Boy! Did this girl think she was in heaven. 

 When I got home we played outside with this stick for ever. It was the prefect day and she looked adorable in the outfit I made her:).

We ate dinner at the first restaurant where she ate out:). Then we came home for birthday cake! Aunt Lissa joined us for cake and we loved watching A dig in for the first time. 

This cake was from Briar Rose and was Oh so yummy!

A little unsure at first...

Family of three... one year later! Oh how we have loved the last 365 days!

She is just about the biggest ray of sunshine and brings us so much joy! We are constantly saying prayers of thanksgiving and in awe of God's faithfulness. We can't wait to see how fast this little toddler grows and thrives. 

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