Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas 2012:LR

Christmas at my Grandparent's is by far the oldest tradition that I have. With 40 people and almost half of those under 12 it is a pretty chaotic time, but we would not change a thing.

My 91 year old grandparents. They are such an example to us! (Again, I don't have my camera in any of these pics. Good thing for the iphone)

My beautiful mommy.

In order to try to tame some of the chaos we made the great grands sing carols to Granny and Grandpa. They were so in love!

Granny and Grandpa and the great grands.

All the little cousins come in with their newest toys and show them off. Sweet A is learning all about American Girl dolls here. When I walked in and saw this I immediately panicked. Oh the lessons I want to teach her, but I don't want to alienate her either. It's hard enough for me to learn what it means to be in the world but not of it. How do I teach that to my two year old? (No, I do not think American Girl dolls are bad and I'm sure my child will own one- it's so much deeper than I'm getting into)

After my grandparent's we went to my mom's for Santa there. I loved this sweet time with my sisters, mom, and niece. Oh I pray Annabel has a sister! She is obsessed with this stroller, carrier, swing set my mom got her!

Helping CC. Well, I think CC was "helping" A:).

A was asleep at this point and we had officially survived our first Christmas as parents who had to put toys together, cook, get a human ready, travel across the state and relish every moment. We.were.exhausted!

That night there was a HUGE snow storm in central AR. Many people were without electricity for 4-5 days. We didn't loose it until about 9:00 that night. We tried to play out in the snow for a bit, but A was not a fan!


The next day the roads were AWFUL, but NWA did not get a drop of snow. Josh decided since we had electricity at home that we needed to leave LR and head towards heat. I really questioned his judgement here and had a hard time trusting this decision. Especially since we went to see friends before we left town.
All of my fear of the roads and not wanting to leave were totally forgotten as soon as I laid eyes on this brand spanking new thing! Meet Jana!

Annabel was in love with her! Jana is our friend's, Mohamed, niece. She is a Tunisian beauty:)! And you can see that Annabel was in awe.

As soon as we were about 20 mins outside of town the roads were clear so I slowly began to let my bitterness towards Josh go:). And as soon as we entered our 68 degree home it was well worth the 45 mins I thought we might not make it in one piece! I'm still hoping that NWA gets some real snow this year, and that we keep our heat! 

We felt more than blessed this year and loved seeing all of our family. It did take Annabel a few days to detox from the constant attention, but we are back in our routine and actively trying to wean her and sleep train. It's a constant battle. More on that later.

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