Monday, March 18, 2013

Chevron Wall

Our community group got together on Saturday to help Buck and Kelli with several projects before baby Ruby's arrival next month. I was in charge of painting the chevron wall in the nursery. I read several tutorials and combined a few of my favorite aspects from each one, and this is what I came up with...

You start with a grid...
I measured the wall, which was 118", then I divided that in half and got 59". This was my center point in the wall. The good thing about chevron is it creates an optical illusion so it does not have to be prefect. I measured 59" across at several points so that my vertical line would be straight. From that point we made a line every 12". So we drew a line at 47", 35", 23", and 11". Each time we would measure from the wall over and make about 7 line segments at various points, then take the measuring tape and line up each little line segment. This made sure we had a straight line without using a level. We also used green chalk to draw the lines. I figured it would be easier to remove chalk than pencil. Make sure you make your lines as light as possible.

The horizontal stripes were so much easier. I took the ugliest, most out of date piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper I had and used it as a stencil. (Now would be a good time to apologize for my poor quality iPhone pics. I wasn't planning on documenting this day:))

You could either start at the top or bottom. It depends on if you want a solid chevron at the top or if you  don't care if it looks like it goes into the ceiling. We started at the bottom, just because it was easier for me to line the paper up along the baseboard.

Not sure if you can see this or not, but here is our 12x12 grid complete. My friend, Liana, was helping and the grid took about an hour and a half. We did stop to talk a lot though.

Here is a little closer picture.

The next step was to tape off. All you do is connect the dots from the bottom corner of one box to the top opposite corner of the same box. We put small pieces of tape in the stripes that were going to stay cream, so we wouldn't accidently paint them. The trickiest part to this whole process was getting the corners sharp. On the cream stripes we didn't worry about how the tape met, but on the pink stripes we folded the corners under so that they would meet perfectly and be crisp. Also, since we only had half of a box at the top we made a stencil with the scrapbook paper to make sure we kept the angle the same. 

Be sure to tape off the side walls so you don't accidently paint those.

Now the easiest part. The painting! I'm pretty sure painting the chevron took about 20 minutes. We rolled it and it was so fast. I would recommend investing in frog tape for this project. It also helps seal the tape if you take a very damp rag and run it over the tape before painting. You will want frog tape though so you don't spend time touching up afterwards.

The finished product!

 I am SO IN LOVE! 

I wish I had a picture complete with furniture, bedding, and baby Ruby. It is all so cute! I also decided I'm going to recruit friends for every painting project from here on out. I loved having the company!

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  1. Such a great job!! Love the way it turned out!! I think I need a chevron wall!!